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Our in-depth, up close and personal behind the scenes look at some of the most interesting people in food, fun and hospitality around the Phoenix Valley and the state of Arizona. On this episode of BRP hosted by the Delo, come and meet Kimber Lanning...

...Executive Director of Local First Arizona and the Local First Foundation! Let�s find out: A little bit about her background growing up in local business...

How did Local First begin and evolve?..

What is the Local First Foundation doing now?..

Information about Devour, For(u)m and Fureza which are programs from Local First...

What the Arizona Good Food Expo is - formerly Farmer Chef Connection...

And of course the always entertaining 'Quick Fire Round'�

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...let�s take a look at what Kimber has to say!


A brief history of Kimber Lanning.

Kimber was born in Okinawa, Japan, where her father was stationed with the United States Air Force. Her family relocated while she was an infant in 1968 and settled in Arizona. She credits her parents with showing her how amazing the state is and fostering her love for the local area.

On family holidays they would travel around the state staying at local B & B�s and Inn�s, which remains her favourite way to holiday. Kimber attended Apollo High School in Glendale, Arizona and proceeded to Arizona State University where she began studying architecture.

During her time at ASU Kimber quickly realized that college wasn�t for her and she left to open her record store, Stinkweeds, when she was 19. Her father, although a fighter pilot, was also a jazz musician and both her parents fully supported her decision to leave college and follow her dreams.

The only advice she was given by her Mother was �If you fail it�s because you�re too nice�.


Stinkweeds got its name from Bill Rose, movie reviewer on Channel 5. Bill used to give movies that were contemporary or artsy stinkweeds as negative ratings. Kimber enjoyed all the movies that Bill hated so she decided to call her shop Stinkweeds!

The store is now 32 years old!!! Started in Mesa, AZ but has grown since then and has moved 4 times�.it is now located in Phoenix. The record industry has changed many times.

There have been many struggles experienced with the ever changing record industry beginning with the impression made by large labels that cd�s were the only thing available�

...to Napster�

...to the increase in the price of vinyl records.

This has really driven home to Kimber the differing needs of big corporations versus locally owned small businesses.

This led her to starting�

Local First Arizona

Started in 2003... initially to build a database of local businesses.

Kimber quickly realized she could do more with it as local businesses needed more support. She admits it was difficult and she had to learn as she went along, but they now can boast about having over 3600 members which are led by Thomas Barr.

Thomas took over as Executive Director of Local First Arizona to allow Kimber to focus on the non-profit Local First Foundation.

Local First Foundation Kimber formed the foundation in 2005 and now have a number of projects under the umbrella of the Foundation including Devour, Fuerza Local and For(u)m.


Devour just celebrated their 10 year anniversary. It was started by Kimber and Greg DeMarco as they were becoming increasingly frustrated that Phoenix kept being overlooked as a great city for culinary arts. In one of the lists out of 50 cities, Phoenix ranked 48th for culinary excellence which was one of the catalysts for starting Devour and highlight the amazing local chefs.

A number of factors interfered with getting Phoenix being recognized for its greatness.

A big one being SB1070 which was passed. This turned a lot of people away from coming to Arizona and experiencing the dining scene.

"We must now show that Arizona is all about inclusivity and love," says Kimber.


Check out more of Local First Arizona here: www.LocalFirstAzFoundation.org



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