On this episode of the Bar and Restaurant Podcast, hosted by the Delo - come and meet Rob Fullmer, Executive Director of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild�.

Let�s find out: A bit about his background growing up in Wisconsin�

What led him to his position with the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild�

A breakdown of what the Guild is doing for Arizona breweries�

Trends taking hold in Arizona Beer culture�

Some of the events the Guild puts on annually to promote local craft beer...

And of course... our Quick Fire Round!

So here we go�


What led Rob to the AZ Craft Brewers Guild�

Rob was a talented home-brewer which led him to first becoming the Communications Director and then the President of the Arizona Society of Home-brewers (ASH). He's proud to note that during his tenure as President the club placed 1st out of 9000 clubs in 19 countries.

Through his work with the Arizona Society of Home-brewers, Rob travelled extensively attending conferences and participating in beer tourism with the serious notion of learning more. Rob was aware of the position with the Guild becoming available.

He wasn�t very keen at first on the idea of transitioning to a full time position with the beer industry as he was enjoying his full time profession along with his part time position with ASH. After being asked to apply for the position by some board members, Rob agreed to an interview. During the interview he was excited about the exchange of information and the possibilities that were discussed. After the interview he changed his mind completely and was disappointed he wasn�t hired on the spot.

Rob began his current role as Executive Director in November 2013.

What does the Guild do�

Since 2016 the Guild represented 20 of the 35 breweries and only a handful of those were active. As of 2019 they now represent 98 registered breweries. The 98 registered breweries are full members and have full voting rights.

There are also Associate Memberships granted to businesses that have some relationship to the brewing industry. Our sponsor, Bar & Restaurant Insurance, is a proud Associate Member of the Guild and we recommend anyone interested in getting involved to do so - because it's well worth the fee.

SB1030 passing was a huge victory for the Guild. This essentially raised the production capacity of smaller home-brewers so that they could compete easier in the business side of brewing. The Guild looks after the interests of its members at the State level and as these relationships improve, the direct participation of the Guild is needed less.

Because of this the Guild is now in the position to investigate issues at the County level as they have created the time by dealing with issues at higher levels. Rob states that Arizona is still a better place to start a beer business than California or Colorado and they are watching the future closely, especially issues related to online sales.

Trends in Arizona Beer Culture�

Rob has noted a few trends taking hold in beer today.

Marijuana in Beer... the Guild does not have an official stance on this but Rob notes there's a certain amount of uncertainty surrounding the infusion of marijuana in beers.

There's also the uncertainty surrounding what this will do to the hospitality industry.

Will it increase or decrease the number of people going out to bars and restaurants?

Names and Packaging... it's hard to keep up with the 130 locations of the breweries that the Guild represents.

Some breweries have been doing some very limited release branding which is breaking the traditional rules of maintaining a consistent look, but it sure is fun and entertaining.

Non Traditional Sizing... is becoming more popular among enthusiasts, with 22 oz bombers coming back again.

Getting more Flavor from Traditional Ingredients... going back to basics is becoming a huge trend in beer.

The strangest beer Rob has tried is Rocky Mountain Oyster beer, very traditionally made. He recommends ones from USA (of course), Ireland, Finland and Japan. _______________________________________________________________________

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