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Our in-depth, up close and personal behind the scenes look at some of the most interesting people in food, fun and hospitality around the Phoenix Valley and the state of Arizona. On this episode of BRP, hosted by the Delo - come and meet Kaylee Nedley and Matt Farrow...

...Owners of Iconic Cocktail Co!

Let�s find out: - A bit about their backgrounds and where they grew up...

- Where they met and fell in love...

- How they came up with the idea for the company and how they got the company started...

- Future plans for the Iconic brand..

- Where to find them and buy their amazing products...

- Events that they are involved with�

... and so much more!

Now let's meet Kaylee and Matt, the Owners of Iconic Cocktail


Iconic Cocktails

...how did it all begin?

Matt and Kaylee fell in love at the dive bar H B Hanratty�s. They were dreamers and often spoke about what they would do to the bar if they had unlimited funds. This grew to them wanting and planning their own bar but didn�t want to worry about expensive overheads. This dream then turned into an idea for an Iconic Soup truck with rotating soup menus based on the various seasons.

They soon realized that this also would cost quite a bit of money to start up. Matt and Kaylee soon discovered that they wanted to start a line of iconic things and this began Iconic Cocktails Co which was first an idea to elevate the open bar at weddings.

Iconic Cocktails Co started at the end of 2015. They began to develop Iconic as a brand and their first event was Kaylee�s mother�s 50th birthday party , followed by a pop up event for a floral arranging class.

At the floral arranging class they were asked for freebies to give away to customers. They gave away the homemade grenadine that they were using in 2 oz bottles. This led to them developing their Spiced Honey and Ginga syrup. In the beginning they would make up batches of 10 bottles of each.

They would take 5 bottles to the Windsor and 5 bottles to Hillstone and sell it to friends. They would compete with each other to see who could sell it the fastest. They weren�t the first in Arizona to develop mixers but after studying the market they could see that mixers were only being developed for specific cocktails. Their point of differentiation is that their products are for multiple types of drinks.

This led to the development of their recipe 2 oz. spirit + 1 oz. mixer + 1/2 oz. tart. All cocktails developed after coming up with this combination fall into that ratio. Their 2 ounce bottles quickly developed into large bottles of mixer syrups. Matt and Kaylee are always thinking about new ideas.

During their startup they wanted to develop syrups that weren�t seasonal. As time has gone on they have developed some seasonal syrups. Now they have 4 signature flavors available all year round and they rotate 4 seasonal flavors 4 times per year.

They have also developed 2 mixers which were designed for coffee. These have been more collaborative working with Zack�s Chocolate and Blue House Coffee.

Their team has grown this year to include 4 other staff members but previously it had just been three of them delivering products twice per week.


Where to find Iconic Cocktail Co�


Email: cheers@iconiccocktail.com

Facebook: IconicCocktailCo

Instagram: IconicCocktailCo

Saturdays: - Uptown Famers Market

- Phoenix Public Market

- Gilbert Farmers Market

Also at a handful of retail outlets across the valley which can be found on their website


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