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Never before has telling the stories of the amazing men and women in the Food & Hospitality industry been so important. This episode of the Bar & Restaurant podcast is being released at a time when we�re all dealing with the challenges of this global coronavirus...

And true to form we bring you another in-depth, up close and personal look at one of the most interesting people in food, fun and hospitality around the Phoenix Valley and the state of Arizona.

On this episode of the Bar and Restaurant podcast, hosted by The Delo, come and meet Stephen Jones of The Larder + the Delta.

Let�s find out about: A brief history of Stephen growing up�

His time attending cooking school at Cordon Bleu�

How he got started working in restaurants in Arizona�

DeSoto Days�

His restaurant The Larder + The Delta�

The love he has for Southern Cooking�

His preference for cooking with Local Ingredients�

Why he enjoys taking part in the Devour Culinary Festival...

...and so much more!

Now let's meet Chef Stephen Jones, owner of The Larder + the Delta.


A brief history�

Stephen was raised in San Bernardino, California. His parents divorced when he was 8 years old. However, his parents remained great friends. Stephen attended grade school, high school and culinary school in California.

His father lived in Chicago and Stephen spent a lot of time there, where he eventually moved to Chicago permanently in 2005.

Stephen has a great Uncle in Virginia who is a Certified Master Chef, and many members of his family are great cooks as well. So, you could say he was raised around food.

Stephen saw how food could bring his family together and bring a lot of joy which sparked his interest. But he admits he made a lot of disastrous food at first. Stephen played football, was injured and as a young father at the time he realized that he needed something more solid.

The decision to make a change and get into the food industry was an easy transition.


Restaurant concept #1 - DeSoto Days.

DeSoto was the first of its kind. Stephen opened DeSoto and had his son the same week so it was very stressful. He felt like it was a great concept with a great vision.

But like many concepts it began to fizzle out. Many other ideas followed which led him to where he is now as Owner and Chef at the Larder + The Delta.


Restaurant concept #2 - The Larder + The Delta.

The restaurant started out as The Yardbird. He initially won awards for his amazing cauliflower dishes and with many people praising him about them, he realized he needed a spot of his own that he could open featuring this sort of Southern Comfort food.

They received a Cease and Desist order from a company out of Miami disputing the use of its name. It was decided that instead of fighting the order they would just change the name. They closed the first location in July of 2017 and within a year they found the current location.

Stephen had looked for ages for the current spot as he knew he wanted it to be downtown. Once he found the location he quickly realized it was a great spot and opened the restaurant there. Stephen was lucky to have investors who believed in him and helped to deal with all the logistics of opening the restaurant.


Where to find Chef Stephen Jones�

Instagram: https://instagram.com/theLarderPHX

Twitter: @ChefStephenJ

Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheLarder+TheDelta


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