Justin Cross: [00:00:00] A couple of my close friends are like, "No, we're the nerds in the shop." Right? We were the avionics guys. We beat up on the mechanics all the time. We're the biggest in shape guys in the squadron, which is weird for the nerd shop.

Delo: [00:00:19] Right.

Speaker 3: [00:00:22] You're listening to the Bar and Restaurant Podcast, where hospitality lovers come to listen and learn with expert David de Lorenzo.

Delo: [00:00:30] All right. We are back with another Bar and Restaurant podcast and I've got my, supposed to say, old but new friend Justin Cross. How're you doing man?

Justin Cross: [00:00:45] Very well, man. Glad to have you.

Delo: [00:00:46] I'm excited to have you.

Justin Cross: [00:00:47] Me too. I feel like we've known each other for a year probably. But in person, it's been about 10 minutes.

Delo: [00:00:53] It's pretty wild how on social media, you can really get to know somebody and their characteristics and who they are. And I got to say, you're a lot bigger in person than you are on video. Like you're a big dude. I walk into the front room and like, "Shit man, that's a big dude." So I'm glad that you're here. I'm excited to have you. There's a lot to talk about. I want to start up, really the podcast and kind of get the audience to have a feel of who you are and where you came from. I know you've had some time out in San Diego, correct? And in California and all that. Where was your childhood? Where were you born?

Justin Cross: [00:01:32] Actually, I was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but we grew up here when I was like preschool. So we lived not too far from here most of my life up until I joined the Navy. So all this, you know, at one point it was just desert and so...

Delo: [00:01:44] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:01:45] I went to [Pleasanton High School 00:01:45]. Lived on Gray Hawk golf course. Lived over by horizon. So this is literally kind of like my backyard.

Delo: [00:01:51] Oh, my goodness. So I went to Horizon.

Justin Cross: [00:01:53] Did you really?

Delo: [00:01:54] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:01:54] Okay, cool.

Delo: [00:01:54] So you know... Tatum and Greenway is where I grew up.

Justin Cross: [00:01:58] Okay. Yeah, we were like 56th Street Greenway.

Delo: [00:02:00] Okay. Right down the road. [crosstalk 00:02:01] we're learning more stuff as we go.

Justin Cross: [00:02:04] I'm basically back home now after a stint in other places.

Delo: [00:02:06] Yeah, yeah. Very cool. Do you have siblings?

Justin Cross: [00:02:09] I do have a brother and a sister. They both live here.

Delo: [00:02:11] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:02:11] Yeah. One is a speechwriter, my brother. And my sister is a nurse practitioner.

Delo: [00:02:16] Okay.

Justin Cross: Yeah.

Delo: [00:02:17] And growing up, you all got along? Had-

Justin Cross: [00:02:20] I mean pretty much.

Delo: [00:02:20] Pretty much?

Justin Cross: [00:02:21] Take turns picking on, you know. I'm the oldest one so I get to kind of pick on everybody.

Delo: [00:02:25] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:02:25] You know, oldest one tallest one so...

Delo: [00:02:27] Oh, that's so funny.

Justin Cross: [00:02:28] Kind of it worked out in my favor.

Delo: [00:02:29] It worked out, exactly. Nobody's picking on you. So both are still out here? And then parents are still out here and-

Justin Cross: [00:02:36] Yep.

Delo: [00:02:36] Okay. Very cool.

Justin Cross: [00:02:37] Yeah. Everyone's here now.

Delo: [00:02:38] That's great. And you're married?

Justin Cross: [00:02:40] Yep, married. I have two stepdaughters.

Delo: [00:02:42] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:02:43] And I also have a little almost two year old daughter I named Gianna.

Delo: [00:02:47] Gianna, that's perfect-

Justin Cross: [00:02:48] And she's so much fun, man.

Delo: [00:02:49] She's beautiful. Noticing you and watching you on your feed through Instagram, you have so much love and compassion, obviously for your family but I remember the first time we were supposed to meet something was ailing your daughter. And you're like, "I got it." And I'm like, "Dude, do your thing." And she ended up being okay. Thank goodness. You're a Navy vet, so you brought up that you were in the Navy? What all brought that? What made you want to go into the Navy?

Justin Cross: [00:03:19] I was not a fan of school. And so High School was wrapping up and I was thinking about, "What am I going to do?" I really didn't want to go to college. I just was not wanting to do that.

Delo: [00:03:31] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:03:31] So we looked at technical trade schools. I think it's like [Devaraya 00:03:33] ITT Tech and some shit like that.

Delo: [00:03:36] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:03:37] But at the time, I was working at Sam's Club. And my buddy, really good friend of mine, came in one day. And he's like, "I'm joining the Navy." I was like, "What the hell are you talking...? Really? What are you talking about? And I was like, "Well, that sounds interesting." And so I just kind of got the wheels turning, and I went and looked at Marines and Air Force and Navy and all that kind of stuff. And I was like, "This sounds like what I want to do." And it was actually around the same time of 9/11. And so I remember like, I was getting ready for school. I think I was a junior then. It could be a little bit off. But all happened within the same kind of time frame. Got the idea of the Navy going on. 9/11 happened and I remember sitting in class watching [inaudible 00:04:14] pissed off. And I was like, "There's no way I'm gonna go learn how to make circuit [inaudible 00:04:20] like-

Delo: [00:04:20] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:04:20] I'm joining the fucking military.

Delo: [00:04:22] Wow.

Justin Cross: [00:04:23] The timing of all that just worked out great. And I was in from '02 to '06.

Delo: [00:04:27] So did you walk into one of those strip centers? Like next to warehouse records or whatever, where they had the recruit centers over there?

Justin Cross: [00:04:34] Yeah, it was right next to the movie theater on, I think it's Bellroad-

Delo: [00:04:37] 32nd Street over there?

Justin Cross: [00:04:39] Yeah, yeah. Going off the freeway.

Delo: [00:04:39] Oh, that's so funny.

Justin Cross: [00:04:40] So I went in there. And of course, the recruiter gave me all the typical lies and told me all the stuff I wouldn't be doing and you know-

Delo: [00:04:45] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:04:45] All that kind of shit. And I went for it.

Delo: [00:04:48] And how long did you serve?

Justin Cross: [00:04:49] Four years.

Delo: [00:04:49] Okay, thank you for that. That's really cool. And from what I've read based on your past and doing all that is, you're kind of a nerd?

Justin Cross: [00:04:59] Yeah.

Delo: [00:05:00] Yeah. So tell me a little bit about what you learned through the Navy and all the technicality on the stuff that you'd worked on.

Justin Cross: [00:05:07] Yeah. So in the Navy, I was an avionics technician. So worked on fighter jets but specifically like the communication, navigation, the radar, the advanced weapon systems, stuff like that. So that's kind of where I got my trade scale and my college and all that kind of stuff, right?

Delo: [00:05:24] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:05:24] So after the Navy, I was finally ready to come back here and go to school. I was going to go to ASU. But I put an ad out or whatever it is, a resume out on Monster, and got picked up by Lockheed Martin in California.

Delo: [00:05:35] Wow.

Justin Cross: [00:05:35] And I spent 10 years out there working a classified flight test programs for F-22 Raptors and F-35 fighter jets. And that kind of took my nerd level just sky high.

Delo: [00:05:45] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:05:46] I got a degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical. I stopped three courses short of my Master's in aeronautical science, because I knew I was getting out of that area, which we can talk about later if you want.

Delo: [00:05:56] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:05:56] But I got to see and work with like the most advanced weapons and stealth stuff out there for about a decade. And that really kind of just helped me become like a super nerd in that sense.

Delo: [00:06:08] I'm so intrigued with all that stuff. I mean, we're talking like ancient alien ship that I really like.

Justin Cross: [00:06:13] And we're talking stuff that the public won't know about for many more years.

Delo: [00:06:17] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:06:18] [crosstalk 00:06:18] It has to be tested. You have to find out when is the plane going break? When is the weapon going to fail? What is the actual limit of these things? So you have to basically take the plane from a known safe envelope, and go past that and see what happens. Record data, go farther, come back, see what happens and... You basically are trying to break the plane. So we have very specialized pilots that do that. And we basically do that so our war fighters can always be the best and have the best tools.

Delo: [00:06:45] That's so cool.

Justin Cross: [00:06:46] Yeah.

Delo: [00:06:46] Are you a Bob Lazar fan at all?

Justin Cross: [00:06:48] No.

Delo: [00:06:51] All right, we'll get into that later. For people that don't know, you just don't worry about it. It sounds like you were really into it, you're a nerd now, you obviously know math and a lot of that other stuff that goes along with all that, way outside of my spectrum. I mean, I get paid to talk legitimately. I have great people here at the office that really deal with a lot of the numbers, stuff and everything. What was it that was kind of that final resolution for you where you're like, "I'm done."?

Justin Cross: [00:07:20] So I was... Okay, I'll tell you exactly what it was.

Delo: Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:07:23] Basically, I was doing well. I was advancing quickly, went from a technician to an aircraft manager, to a lead control engineer over the managers, and then my next job that I applied for was seemingly out of reach, but I won the interview. But I was told by HR that they gave it to another guy who had 20 extra years experience, even though I was qualified and did an overall better job.

Delo: [00:07:48] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:07:48] And so essentially, I reached the ceiling. And they basically said, "Well, we want you for this job, but HR is not gonna let you have it. We're going to have another 12/15 years experience doing what you're doing. And I was like, "I'm not gonna fucking sit here for 15 years, just to get the next level up. There's no way I'm doing that."

Delo: [00:08:06] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:08:06] So I started to think like, "Okay..." I grew up... Very entrepreneurial family. Like land developers and doctors, and even teachers and stuff. So I always knew I wanted to do something on my own.

Delo: [00:08:19] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:08:19] And I just reached that ceiling. And I was like, "I refuse to play this game. I'm just not doing it." And then my brother-in-law, my step brother-in-law, was basically like, "Hey, I want to open a brewery in Arizona. What do you think?" So we started to think about it and... Cut a long story short, we can get into the brewery thing. I basically quit my engineering job, went to SDSU's Start your own Brewery School.

Delo: [00:08:45] Yep.

Justin Cross: [00:08:46] Started brewing at Lucky Luke brewery in Palmdale, California. I was brewing in my house all the time, and just completely dove into that. Like just learned everything there is about making beer, the beer world. I mean, just huge books of research and all this kind of shit.

Delo: [00:09:01] And that's science and chemistry and math and all that in itself.

Justin Cross: [00:09:04] Yeah. And even the business side. I was really like a project engineer manager for a lot of my time at Lockheed. And so doing the business plan for a brewery, and figuring out the equipment and the space and everything was like, "This is great." [crosstalk 00:09:17]

Delo: [00:09:17] Yeah, this is fun, right.

Justin Cross: [00:09:18] So I moved out here to open the brewery. All those things kind of came together, reached the ceiling, where I didn't want to play the mouse maze anymore. You know, just keep running the rat maze, whatever, and had this opportunity to come out here to do a business. So I was like, "That's it." Sold the house and moved.

Delo: [00:09:35] But see, I love it because you're the type of personality that doesn't want to be comfortable.

Justin Cross: [00:09:41] No.

Delo: [00:09:42] Because you were in a position to be comfortable for 10,15 years, get your little promotion or big promotion or whatever and be like, "Okay, cool. Company guy."

Justin Cross: [00:09:49] And dude, I can't tell you how much hate I got from even like very well respected friends and stuff that-

Delo: [00:09:53] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:09:54] Liked their job and couldn't understand why I would leave a good salary and [inaudible 00:10:00] and all this kind of stuff that to me, none of that mattered. I was like-

Delo: [00:10:04] Yeah. It's interesting how judgmental people can be on your choice.

Justin Cross: [00:10:07] Yeah, exactly. I'm doing this.

Delo: [00:10:09] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:10:09] I'm not getting you fired or-

Delo: [00:10:11] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:10:11] You're not getting forced to do something else.

Delo: [00:10:13] So you're back in Arizona now.

Justin Cross: [00:10:15] Yeah.

Delo: [00:10:15] You go, you open a brewery. What was the brewery? What happened [crosstalk 00:10:18]?

Justin Cross: [00:10:18] So we actually didn't open it.

Delo: Oh, okay.

Justin Cross: [00:10:20] By the time I got out here, that business partner opened a solar company here locally, and super taken off.

Delo: [00:10:27] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:10:27] He didn't have time to get into the brewery. So I basically left that partnership and started branding my own brewery, brewing at my house hardcore. It was gonna be called, and it might still be someday, Ironside Brewing.

Delo: [00:10:38] Oh.

Justin Cross: [00:10:38] Ironsided... See this partial tattoo I have here as the USS-

Delo: [00:10:42] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:10:42] Constitution, old Ironsides.

Delo: [00:10:43] That's awesome.

Justin Cross: [00:10:44] So that was going to be the brewery name. And so I went down that path for a long time. But then, as you know, in business and life, things changed. So I actually ended up helping my buddy open the Peak Nutrition stores here in Arizona.

Delo: [00:10:57] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:10:58] And one thing led to another. I wanted to get back into hospitality and beer and all that kind of stuff. And this business, Earn Your Booze, was born. Just out of years of being in fitness, also loving beer and drink and hospitality. And it just happened one day, and now we're like, three years in.

Delo: [00:11:17] Yeah, three years... 2017 right? When you started it. And then you have a partner now too, right? Or had one.

Justin Cross: [00:11:23] Yeah. So I basically started the whole concept. I brought on a kind of like... I call him a cocktail celebrity partner, to start it. Ended up buying him out. And now I have two other guys that are working with me now, Alan and Rob. So it can be the three of us that take the business to the moon.

Delo: [00:11:38] Three Musketeers.

Justin Cross: [00:11:39] That's right.

Delo: [00:11:40] Ride on, man.

Justin Cross: [00:11:41] And of course, the wife. You know, she-

Delo: [00:11:42] Of course, yes. I understand that very well.

Justin Cross: [00:11:45] Yeah.

Delo: [00:11:45] So you have created this amazing niche. I'm gonna call it a niche.

Justin Cross: [00:11:50] It totally is.

Delo: [00:11:50] It really is. And it is something that I've always been an advocate of being in hospitality for my past 20, 23 years growing up in the music business, watching a lot of these artists kind of just completely just sacrifice their lives basically, rip themselves apart and do all that. And then, as I ventured into hospitality, and as you know, the nightclub life, the chef life. I mean, all that sort of stuff, what was cool back in the 80s, 90s, maybe even early 2000s isn't necessarily cool anymore. All of that over the top sort of addiction and it catches up and people are looking at the history of what's going on with some of these people. And obviously, you had seen it as well. So creating a balance is is huge.

Justin Cross: [00:12:39] Right.

Delo: [00:12:39] My assumption is... Tell me a little bit about Earn Your Booze, and just kind of the whole mission statement behind it and what you're growing with it.

Justin Cross: [00:12:46] So the idea really started in the Navy, because it had to be a good sailor; run, do pull ups, push ups, all that kind of stuff, but also had to be a good sailor and drink like fish. You got to be a full rounded sailor, right?

Delo: [00:12:58] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:12:58] So it kind of just started there. In my mind, I was like... A lot of guys were drinking too much all the time, or didn't give a shit about working out, barely passing their PT test or whatever. Me, and a couple of my close friends are like, "No. We're the nerds in the shop." Right? We were the avionics guys. We beat up on the mechanics all the time. We're the biggest, most in shape guys in the squadron, which is weird for the nerd shop.

Delo: [00:13:22] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:13:24] And so yeah, we moved out here and it was kind of like... I started helping breweries and brewers and bar owners, like kind of lose the beer gut, start to like, move better and feel better. Brian Hilton's one of the first ones I've worked with out here, and I was like, "You know what? This is like my niche," because I didn't want it like... The fitness world is weird, right?

Delo: [00:13:44] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:13:45] If you want to be a fitness personality or influencer... I'm not too interested in that.

Delo: [00:13:50] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:13:50] Next thing you know, you're just slinging supplements, and it's just non-stop selfies. And this is like, no. I was like, "No. I love the hospitality and the beer side too much."

Delo: [00:13:59] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:13:59] So we're doing something for drinkers. For drinkers by drinkers. That's kind of where it started.

Delo: [00:14:05] Yeah. I would assume even in the beginning, the reception was great. People were like, "I do want to be in shape. I do want to feel better, but I don't want to lose my lifestyle.

Justin Cross: [00:14:16] Yeah, exactly.

Delo: [00:14:17] Yeah. And so you've created a program that really helped people be in tune, and in check and do all that sort of stuff. I guess, what are some of the events you're going to be doing after these lifts are done? And what are some of the events that you did prior to all this? That people partake in and that you'd like to put on?

Justin Cross: [00:14:35] So we create fitness and drink experiences, and we do it all over the country? We've traveled to a handful of different states. This year, I was supposed to do almost nothing except travel.

Delo: [00:14:44] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:14:45] We had everything from New York, Miami, New Orleans, Denver, Austin, San Diego, all over the place, especially here, of course. Even down in Jalisco, Mexico, where we basically do everything from. Sometimes it depends on what the sponsors want, a lot of the times.

Delo: [00:15:02] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:15:02] So if they want like a low key, like yoga and like drink on the mat type thing, we can put that together. But really our bread and butter is like big energy live DJ, lots of high fives, plenty of the hardest workers in the room to win free drink tickets.

Delo: Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:15:17] My trainers are on stage doing shots in between. Like put on a booze show, you know. And then afterwards, we have really, really, highly elevated cocktails and drinks. The music keeps going, and there's usually a pool.

Delo: [00:15:29] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:15:29] All that kind of stuff.

Delo: [00:15:30] Well, as much as that all that sounds great. And sounds like a party. It's a lot of fucking work to put together.

Justin Cross: [00:15:35] It totally is, yeah.

Delo: [00:15:36] Yeah. And so all the organization? I mean, that's the business aspect of it.

Justin Cross: [00:15:39] Yeah.

Delo: [00:15:39] It's getting the sponsors and... Who are some of your sponsors? Who are some of the people that have come on board with you?

Justin Cross: [00:15:44] So we've worked like all the big portfolio liquor brands. So you know, Diageo and William Grant, Don Julio, Milagro Tequila, Hendrick's Gin, Sagamore whiskey.

Delo: [00:15:54] Wow.

Justin Cross: [00:15:55] But our first event was here at Scottsdale Beer Company, but unfortunately, it looks like they're closed.

Delo: [00:15:59] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:15:59] But you know, we've done Hilton Beer Company. We've worked with a lot of different smaller brands and some of the world's largest liquor brands.

Delo: [00:16:06] And in the very beginning, was it a lot of just hustling on your part to let them know kind of what you're doing-

Justin Cross: [00:16:12] Yeah totally.

Delo: [00:16:12] I would assume that people are now approaching you saying, "Hey, you've got a following. You've got a base."

Justin Cross: [00:16:19] Yeah. The first year was essentially like, "Come to our free event-"

Delo: [00:16:22] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:16:22] Buy a shirt if you can." Like, "Thank you, Doug, for supplying a free pint type thing," you know.

Delo: [00:16:28] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:16:28] Like that. And it pretty quickly became like a whiteboard like this list of sponsors that want to do stuff. So it's like, "Okay, what can we actually do?"

Delo: [00:16:37] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:16:38] Because I didn't want to expand too fast and think COVID is probably the reason I didn't know was coming, but we were very close to like having little branches in all the big cities. You know, hiring people to run them out there, set them up, all that kind of stuff. But yeah, now it's basically, we're just waiting to open back up and see what we can plug in.

Delo: [00:16:57] So that was... And that leads me into what I was thinking about, is that when you say branches all over... I mean, Earn Your Booze is... It's very unique. It's very much, I would assume just being in Arizona, the only thing that I've seen, liked it out here. So when you look around the United States, is anybody doing anything that's not like you but... You know I'm saying? Kind of do duplicating that sort of thing?

Justin Cross: [00:17:22] Kind of, but not really.

Delo: [00:17:23] Yeah.

Justin Cross: The closest one would probably be Michelob Ultra.

Delo: [00:17:26] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:17:26] They have their ultra fast where they have like fitness events and all that. And then you can drink their beer, but it's just Michelob Ultra.

Delo: [00:17:33] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:17:33] It's hard to get a lot of people excited about that.

Delo: [00:17:35] No. That's very true.

Justin Cross: [00:17:36] Our brand can work with any liquor, any beer, any wine-

Delo: [00:17:41] Awesome.

Justin Cross: [00:17:41] Anything. That's why we went with booze because it includes-

Delo: [00:17:43] Anything.

Justin Cross: [00:17:44] Everything and anything right? But that's really the closest, because everyone... There's a lot of brewery workouts, brewery yoga, but it's usually very hyperlocal kind of small... You know, pay 10 bucks get a free pint deal.

Delo: [00:17:57] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:17:57] We actually come in... We make a lot of noise and make a real experience out of it.

Delo: [00:18:01] That's amazing. It's like Vegas style. Just kind of-

Justin Cross: [00:18:04] Yeah.

Delo: [00:18:04] Just have some fun and [crosstalk 00:18:06] energy on. And then you have ambassadors that are part of the brand as well. So do you have like nationwide ambassadors to [crosstalk 00:18:12]?

Justin Cross: [00:18:12] Most of them are here with a handful here. We actually have one in Hong Kong, who right after we brought her on, all sorts of shit started happening in Hong Kong.

Delo: [00:18:20] No kidding. Wow.

Justin Cross: [00:18:22] That place is still a wreck, I think. So we're just kind of waiting again for things to open up. We have an affiliate program to help move [inaudible 00:18:30], because we want the mindset to be out there.

Delo: [00:18:33] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:18:33] Even if we can't do an event, if somebody thinks or hears the phrase, Earn Your Booze, that gets into their ass a little bit more before they drink that night.

Delo: [00:18:42] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:18:42] We won. So...

Delo: [00:18:44] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:18:44] Anything we can do.

Delo: [00:18:44] You absolutely have. Are there any rules as far as partaking in the events as far as people like when... I guess everybody kind of has to make that choice for themselves? Like when is too much, as far as drinking-wise or...

Justin Cross: [00:19:00] Yeah.

Delo: [00:19:00] So is there a rule? Like if you know you're going to have a hangover in the morning, you need to stop? So you can get up and work out or?

Justin Cross: [00:19:09] I mean, yeah, it comes down to individual responsibility, right?

Delo: [00:19:13] 100%. Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:19:13] But one of the things we do teach on... We have another thing called nutritionfordrinkers.com.

Delo: [00:19:17] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:19:18] Where we do 30-day challenges, and we teach you how to lower your body's toxicity levels-

Delo: [00:19:22] Yep.

Justin Cross: [00:19:22] And essentially make room for the drinks, right? And when you really take an intentional approach to what you eat, what you drink, how you move your body, it becomes a lot easier to manage the hangover type stuff.

Delo: [00:19:34] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:19:34] Because if you're working hard during the week, if you're feeling good, and you do go out with your friends, it's a lot easier to be like, "I'm not going to go ass crazy because I don't want to wake up feeling like shit tomorrow."

Delo: [00:19:46] And I don't think it's really necessarily for you guys, the promotion of alcohol in general. It's the promotion of going out and celebrating and having a good time with your friends.

Justin Cross: [00:19:54] Yeah.

Delo: [00:19:54] It's the socialization of it and being fit.

Justin Cross: [00:19:57] Right. And especially, at our events, my trainers will drink a little bit on stage. But no one's allowed to do that, who came to the event. You have to wait till afterwards, right? And we always supply like one or two really high quality drinks. And then they're kind of on their own, but like everyone is beat up after a really good workout.

Delo: [00:20:14] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:20:14] I don't think we've ever really had anyone that had a problem over indulging, but we always have like a leave code, we always are very... Help people get home. You got to be 21. So people that come are not really looking to get just fucked up all the time.

Delo: [00:20:28] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:20:28] They're there to have a good fitness and drink experience, meet some people. So chances are, what usually happens is, they have some drinks, they meet some girls and some guys, and exchange numbers, get themselves home, and then they go do whatever they want that [crosstalk 00:20:41].

Delo: [00:20:41] Yeah. And then they have the commonality of wanting to work out or, you know, "Hey, you know? Let's hook up climb Camelback Mountain, and then go out for some drinks." And so not only are you promoting the fitness industry, but also the nightclub bar, restaurant industry.

Justin Cross: [00:20:55] Right.

Delo: [00:20:55] And getting that balance, which is great, because again, it's something that nobody else is promoting or doing. I had put together kind of a subset of what I was doing about promoting healthy hospitality. And that was getting back into the nutritional thing. You know, that was really helping these chefs and these workers, that while they're working in their restaurants, to not just grab shit off the line and be eating stuff, that's, you know...

Justin Cross: [00:21:25] Yeah.

Delo: [00:21:25] You know, every day preparing. Having that mindset, stretching, I mean, all these little things, and all these little items that I think people don't think about on a daily basis. But if you're able to do something to just remind somebody, if you just change just a little bit...

Justin Cross: [00:21:43] Right.

Delo: [00:21:43] It can make a huge difference.

Justin Cross: [00:21:44] And especially like bartenders and liquor reps there's no shortage of free booze.

Delo: [00:21:49] No.

Justin Cross: [00:21:49] And you can kind of lose track of that. It might be your routine to have a shifty, or a few drinks here and there. But before you know, that shit adds up, and especially when it's free, and your friends are bartenders and or you're a rep and everybody knows. You don't ever get a bill, you get... You know what I mean?

Delo: [00:22:07] Well, that's not earning your booze.

Justin Cross: [00:22:08] No.

Delo: [00:22:09] That's just taking it.

Justin Cross: [00:22:09] Right. So that's why we want that mindset to be there, especially if you're in that industry, and you know you drink a lot. Maybe because you have to because of your job or it's just how you choose to live, you got to turn up the earn a little bit.

Delo: [00:22:22] 100% Yeah. Tell us about some of the charity work that you guys do and who you give back to and all that stuff. I know you do a lot of that.

Justin Cross: [00:22:28] We actually have a program going right now. I designed a shirt that says, I gave you one actually, legalized lifting.

Delo: [00:22:34] Thank you. I'm going to pull it out.

Justin Cross: [00:22:34] So if you think about Earn, is like half of our business, Earn is essentially movement. Right? So it's... Or maybe I give you a military one. Let's see which one is [inaudible 00:22:43]. Yep I gave you military one. I'm going to bring you the legalized lifting one.

Delo: [00:22:47] Okay, cool.

Justin Cross: [00:22:48] So-

Delo: [00:22:48] The merge is awesome by the way, I'm kind of showing it to the.... We will give you all the links to all the places where you can get this stuff. And the clothing fabric is-

Justin Cross: [00:22:58] Your guy too.

Delo: [00:22:58] Is American Apparel. It's perfect.

Justin Cross: [00:23:01] Yeah, this are my favorite shirts. Yeah. So right now, here in the state of Arizona, and eight or nine other states, gyms are closed, essentially.

Delo: [00:23:10] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:23:10] We're starting to see a little bit of opening with very restrictive measures and stuff. But essentially, think about what people have been doing the past couple of months. People feel like shit, because they've been drinking and eating and hadn't been moving their bodies. they haven't been earning what they're putting in.

Delo: [00:23:24] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:23:24] And so I was kind of sitting here. I have a lot of friends that own gyms, and are personal trainers that... There's just a lot of people that like our message and our brand and have not been able to move and earn it. And I was like, we got to do something, right? So came up with the shirt, legalized lifting, and we're giving the majority of almost... Pretty much all proceeds right back to the local fitness community.

Delo: [00:23:47] That's awesome.

Justin Cross: [00:23:47] So we even have... During checkout, on our website, there's an extra donation button. 100% of that is going back. And then we partnered up with the nutrition store I told you I opened, Peak Nutrition. And basically, they're wholesaling shirts there for donation based.

Delo: [00:24:03] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:24:04] You can give 15 bucks for a shirt or 500 bucks for a shirt, whatever it is, all going back to the local community. We just started that a couple days ago. We haven't even done like any press or anything on it yet, but it is absolutely taking off.

Delo: [00:24:16] Well, we'll definitely do our part to spread the word for sure. And I got to get my dad one of those shirts. He'll love.

Justin Cross: [00:24:21] Oh, he'll totally love it. Yeah, and peak nutrition, you know where it's at, 64th in Greenway, they're right there. They just placed their third order because they're selling through it.

Delo: [00:24:29] That's great.

Justin Cross: [00:24:29] But then beyond that, when we do our events, we usually try to focus on veteran-focused events.

Delo: [00:24:34] Got it.

Justin Cross: [00:24:34] [inaudible 00:24:34] myself and my wife, being veterans so we've worked with [Dogs4Vets 00:24:37]. We've worked with all sorts of different charities that help veterans with everything, from suicide awareness to training your dog to hear when the door opens or whatever you might need. Those are the ones we gravitate towards.

Delo: [00:24:53] You grabbed my heart there because [inaudible 00:24:54] my dogs on my shoes there.

Justin Cross: [00:24:56] Oh, yeah, cool.

Delo: [00:24:57] My mini Ozzy. Always with me.

Justin Cross: [00:24:59] That's awesome.

Delo: [00:25:00][inaudible 00:25:00] shit, sleep in bed with me. It's crazy. I literally have a separate room for me and the dogs. That's another story. And you'd mentioned your wife was in the military. Where did she serve?

Justin Cross: [00:25:11] She was Air Force.

Delo: [00:25:12] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:25:13] Yep, so when I got out of the Navy and went to work for Lockheed, she was actually my trainer on day one.

Delo: [00:25:18] Oh, my goodness.

Justin Cross: [00:25:19] So long story short, ended up kicking out the current occupant of her house, we got married, and now we live here. And now we have a kid.

Delo: [00:25:25] There you go. Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:25:25] That's how that went.

Delo: [00:25:25] That is so funny. We're living in a day right now, and this recording is in August of 2020. So by the time it comes out, it might be September, whatever, but just for kind of a basis. We're living in a day and age where, and especially in Arizona, you've got gyms, and you've got bars, both mandated to be closed.

Justin Cross: [00:25:53] Right.

Delo: [00:25:53] I mean, the two things that you are-

Justin Cross: [00:25:56] Literally-

Delo: [00:25:57] Synergistically... Yeah, trying to put together.

Justin Cross: [00:26:00] Right.

Delo: [00:26:01] Again, this is no holds barred. I mean, what's your opinion?

Justin Cross: [00:26:06] I think it's kind of ridiculous on the face. Because, like you said, it's 2020. We're pretty smart people these days.

Delo: [inaudible 00:26:15] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:26:15] If we're able to go to Safeway, in a safe manner, or go to Top Golf in a safe manner, we can go to the gym. I'll use one of my friends, for example, Nikki Metzger, owns BODI in Scottsdale.

Delo: [00:26:28] Yeah, I know Nikki.

Justin Cross: [00:26:29] They've done an unbelievable job sectioning off where you can be in the gym when you work out. All individual equipment, more sanitizer than you can imagine. It's cleaner than anywhere you can go in the whole state.

Delo: [00:26:42] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:26:42] But they're closed.

Delo: [00:26:43] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:26:44] And to me, it doesn't make any sense. Because we can open safely. And one, we have to do it for the individual, right? I don't know about you but for me, when I'm stressed out, or I'm dealing with something, the way I get that off my mind is this hardcore workout. Whether it's boxing or just whatever workout, you always feel great mentally afterwards.

Delo: [00:27:04] Yes.

Justin Cross: [00:27:04] And physically, we need it. Our muscles, our organs, our bones, everything needs to move. Old people typically break, because they're not moving.

Delo: [00:27:13] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:27:13] Their bones become brittle, and they just... If you don't use your body, it's just going to say, "Well, okay. Peace out."

Delo: [00:27:18] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:27:18] So there's that, but then also from the small business aspect. You know, these businesses exist. It's very hard to have a gym that makes a ton of money.

Delo: [00:27:26] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:27:26] It's not a very lucrative business. And they exist to keep the rest of us healthy.

Delo: [00:27:30] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:27:30] And they've been shut. A lot of them are not going to open or they're struggling tremendously. So I don't agree with it at all, which is why we started legalized lifting.

Delo: [00:27:39] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:27:39] We're not advocating for just, big middle finger, we're going to do what we want type of thing. We know we can get people in there to take care of their mental and physical health safely.

Delo: [00:27:48] Yeah. No, I think that's amazing. And you're absolutely right. I mean, for me, it's a run in the 111 degree heat. You know, three, four miles on that, that'll clear my head real quick and make me feel all cozy.

Justin Cross: [00:27:57] Right, yeah. And we've had some pushback, just like anything, especially that gets some traction, there's gonna be people that try to call it out or whatever. And they're like, "Oh, no, just work out at home. Just do push ups." And I'm like, "Do you realize the average person cannot stay motivated more than three days to workout at home? And it's been how many months now?" Gyms exist for a reason. If it was that easy to just work out at home and just feel great and look great, everyone would do it.

Delo: [00:28:21] No. It's very true. Moving back into the business aspect of stuff. From what you have learned starting your own business, and from an entrepreneurial level, how important is picking your partners and trademarking and doing all that stuff? Did you learn any of those lessons the hard way? Or is it been..?

Justin Cross: [00:28:40] Yeah. A lot of it the hard way. It's extremely important.

Delo: [00:28:44] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:28:45] When you go into business with somebody as a partner, you're essentially getting married to them. I live with my wife, obviously, but there's been many periods of time where I would see my business partner and talk to them a hell of lot more than my wife.

Delo: [00:29:00] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:29:01] So that person you have to trust completely. And if you're not aligned on the company's vision and goals, it's going to lead to problems, 100% percent.

Delo: [00:29:09] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:29:09] I bought my first partner out, and that was a... He provided a ton of value to the business. It was a great partnership but it just reached the point where you just can't go on. So you got to be prepared for that. If you're going to get in business with someone, even if you think, "This is the dopest person ever. I can't wait to do this business for 50 years of this person."

Delo: [00:29:28] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:29:28] And you put all your emotional energy into them. You just got to be realistic. Like, "No, that might be over in six months and it might end bad or well, yeah." When it comes to business and money, all bets are off.

Delo: [00:29:40] Yeah, you [inaudible 00:29:40].

Justin Cross: [00:29:40] Yeah. And as far as trademark goes, I trademark everything I can think of.

Delo: [00:29:44] That's awesome.

Justin Cross: [00:29:44] I think I bought an extra 21 or 22 trademarks this year, earn your everything you can imagine.

Delo: [00:29:50] Perfect. Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:29:51] I mean, just about everything that you might see me post about, especially in the business, chances are it's already been filed. So I'm very strong on that kind of IP.

Delo: [00:30:00] I love it. And then as far as you as an individual and personally, have you always been in shape? Was there a time where you were like kind of a fat slob and you're like, "Okay, this is it. I got to get back into doing this stuff"? I mean, what's been your MO?

Justin Cross: [00:30:14] So that's kind of back to the Navy day. Like that kind of became my thing, is the guy that had a six pack and would drink 30 pack of beer, that was kind of my thing. So I was luckily able to keep that going up. But there's definitely been periods where I was... Really starting a business and there was just more work to do than there were hours in the day, where I would take a few months off and I would start to doing all this kind of, I would say get softer whatever, and kind of go back, but I'm kind of over that.

Delo: [00:30:40] You know it. Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:30:40] Without health, you have nothing so. I make time every single day to move and I'm very adamant about taking my vitamins and supplements. I drink over a gallon of water every single day a week. And that's something that I've slacked on a little bit here and there. But now I just can't let myself do it.

Delo: [00:30:57] Are you still in the midst of 75 hard?

Justin Cross: [00:31:00] I'm actually just started it yesterday.

Delo: [00:31:02] Did you?

Justin Cross: [00:31:04] Yeah.

Delo: [00:31:04] So stopped it or finished it?

Justin Cross: [00:31:04] Stopped it.

Delo: [00:31:05] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:31:05] Did not complete it.

Delo: [00:31:06] Got you.

Justin Cross: [00:31:06] I mean, it wasn't because I did a cheat meal or booze or anything. It's just one thing led to another, I didn't take a selfie or read my book one day.

Delo: [00:31:15] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:31:15] So I have to start over.

Delo: [00:31:15] You had to start over. [crosstalk 00:31:17]

Justin Cross: [00:31:17] I wasn't gonna pretend like I did it. So I just-

Delo: [00:31:20] Right. No. Yeah, because that's all, that self-

Justin Cross: [00:31:22] That's the whole thing.

Delo: [00:31:22] Yeah, that's exactly what's it for.

Justin Cross: [00:31:23] If you go through 75 hard, knowing you didn't actually do it, you're gonna fucking hate yourself.

Delo: [00:31:28] 100%. And we're not going to get into the rules of 75 hard. Any of you listening, just just Google it, you'll find out. But it's a very interesting program. And and I've seen on your Instagram, you've hung out with Andy and his brother.

Justin Cross: [00:31:43] Yeah, had them a couple times.

Delo: [00:31:44] Been out there. Yeah. So that's very cool. I started at once and lasted about a month. And then you just said same thing. I just lost track and you know.

Justin Cross: [00:31:53] There's an app now that helps.

Delo: [00:31:55] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:31:55] Really, my real answer is like I made the choice not to do it because it's not like-

Delo: [00:32:01] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:32:02] You either do it or you don't do it.

Delo: [00:32:04] Yeah. And then during the summer in Arizona, because one of the workers has to be outdoors.

Justin Cross: [00:32:08] Yeah. I was doing a lot of those like 10, 11 o'clock at night.

Delo: [00:32:10] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:32:11] It's still like almost 100 degrees. So didn't really save me from much but...

Delo: [00:32:15] Yeah, I'm in bed. I'm the most boring person there is. I know people listening because your fitness and what you do, will probably be interested to kind of learn a little bit of how you eat. And if you have any rules to how you eat, the generic questions. Do you fast and do you eat lots of protein? What's kind of... And I know for me, I'm a true believer, and everybody's body type is completely different that you have to pick what works for you. That's my opinion. But I mean, what do you think?

Justin Cross: [00:32:44] Well, just like business, test, test test, right? I've done intermittent fasting. I've tried all sorts of different diets and rules and all that kind of stuff but basically, what I do now is I just try to eat as clean as possible. I try to avoid all sugar. The sugar for me is really the big thing. Yesterday, for example, I was craving some sugar, and I had a peanut butter and jelly. What happened about 30 minutes later? I felt like I needed a nap. I really just kind of eat intuitively clean.

Delo: [00:33:14] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:33:14] But I still eat what I want.

Delo: [00:33:16] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:33:16] I still eat burgers, I'll still eat pizza. I'll still eat chicken wings. Not as much, but like.... That's kind of like the whole thing with Earn Your Boozes; work hard, but still enjoy your life.

Delo: [00:33:27] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:33:27] Bodybuilding, like your dad, he'll know it's tough. Because you have such a faraway goal. If you're not competing for six months, or nine months or whatever. There's a lot that happens during nine months. And if you're skipping out on family or skipping out on occasional glass of whiskey or whatever, it can be can be kind of risky because tomorrow's not promised for anyone so we kind of try to find the best of both worlds where you're taking good care of yourself but also enjoying what you put in your body. And that's essentially how I eat.

Delo: [00:33:56] That's great. I mean, what an amazing balance, and what an amazing message to people you know listening. There's no such thing as a diet.

Justin Cross: [00:34:04] No.

Delo: [00:34:05] It's earn your way and enjoy it.

Justin Cross: [00:34:07] Yeah. So nutritionfordrinkers.com, we teamed up with Nrish, N-R-I-S-H. My buddy, Will, right here in town.

Delo: [00:34:14] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:34:14] They're like the diet killer. That's their thing. Diets don't work, they're fats.

Delo: Right.

Justin Cross: [00:34:20] So if you can just teach yourself how to essentially eat, no matter if you're at a bar or at home or whatever. That's how you win.

Delo: [00:34:27] Yeah, eat whole foods. I mean-

Justin Cross: [00:34:28] Yeah. Over time, of course, you try extra protein, maybe try keto, try different things if you want, and find something that just kind of works for you.

Delo: [00:34:36] Do you do regular blood test?

Justin Cross: [00:34:38] I do, a couple months.

Delo: [00:34:39] Yeah, I do too. Isn't that phenomenal? Like after you've done a few of them and you're kind of really nerding through and looking through, and I'm sure you nerd through this shit and you're like, "Whoa, my hemoglobin and my testosterone." All those different things.

Justin Cross: [00:34:51] I'm kind of addicted to it.

Delo: [00:34:52] Yeah, me too.

Justin Cross: [00:34:53] Yeah. Vitamin D is one of the things that we think is causing a lot of people to be sick from COVID or get extra sick or die right?

Delo: [00:35:01] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:35:02] Most people are extremely deficient in D, and I don't think I ever would have thought of that or known that had I not started blood work. Everyday three drops under the tongue twice a day, morning and night.

Delo: [00:35:11] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:35:12] And I can see it. That's what's so cool about the blood work.

Delo: [00:35:15] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:35:15] Because it's not just popping supplements because your coach told you to or whatever, and you think you're doing right.

Delo: [00:35:19] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:35:19] When you do your blood work, like you said, you see your prostate score. You see your testosterone. You see your vitamin D. You see what's happening, actually in your body and then you can make some little tweaks and some changes and I kind of like almost a little addicted to it, and I'm trying to get a perfect score.

Delo: [00:35:36] Same here. As you get older, you're trying to get better.

Justin Cross: [00:35:39] I'm like shit, I need a little bit more fish oil in there.

Delo: [00:35:41] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:35:41] I'm like, "Hey..."

Delo: [00:35:42] What's under the hoods? Got more miles on it, but yet you're trying to just make sure that you are looping it up and taking care of it and checking up on it. More and more people are doing that. I mean, they're legitimately getting their blood tests, are looking at it like, "How do I improve? Where do I go?" And for the most part, you and I... And I'm sure there's others out there that are listening, that can look at their blood test and be like, "Cool, I know the adjustments that I need to make." You don't have to go pay the 800 bucks to sit in front of just a general practitioner that's just going to be like, "You need to do this." It's really knowing your body and what goes on and then feeling... After you eat something or drink something, the reaction that you have from it.

Justin Cross: [00:36:18] And I would definitely say tell this to everybody. Go to an actual, if you're a man, Men's Health Center.

Delo: [00:36:23] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:36:23] Go to hormones.. Don't go to your general practitioner, because chances are he's just going to say, "Pop a couple of natural test boosters," or just this kind of whatever.

Delo: [00:36:31] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:36:31] But you need someone that actually knows how to read the blood work and actually know if you do need TRT, or if you do need anything else that your general doctor might not talk about, right?

Delo: [00:36:41] For sure. Yeah, there's a specialist for everything. Did you trademark Earn Your Weed?

Justin Cross: [00:36:48] Not weed. We considered a couple of things, like Earn Your Doobs, Earn Your Joint, stuff like that.

Delo: [00:37:00] So nothing against that, right?

Justin Cross: [00:37:02] No, not at all.

Delo: [00:37:03] Okay.

Justin Cross: [00:37:03] That's actually the one thing I probably haven't trademarked yet. So I should probably do that today before this podcast comes out.

Delo: [00:37:08] You have a few weeks, so don't worry.

Justin Cross: [00:37:10] We've definitely thought about it. Nothing against it at all.

Delo: [00:37:15] Yeah, right. If anything, it makes you just eat more so.

Justin Cross: [00:37:19] I mean, that's the only way I sleep sometimes, if I hit my vape pen.

Delo: [00:37:22] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:37:22] That's my problem with sleeping. It's like I'm so in tune with like... This is one of the downsides of having your blood work correct, and all that. Like I don't sleep much.

Delo: [00:37:31] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:37:31] And then with my business and everything, my mind's always going-

Delo: [00:37:33] You're amped. Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:37:34] I have a very hard time sleeping.

Delo: [00:37:36] You're a thinker. I can tell you're very focused and in line, and-

Justin Cross: [00:37:39] So sometimes I need to hit a big weed pen, just to shut my brain off.

Delo: [00:37:44] Oh, that's awesome. That was so funny. Let's talk about... When you do these events, I mean, you're the host of these events, and you do public speaking and stuff like that. As Earn Your Booze grows and becomes more of this mega company that you're going to develop it into, is there more stuff like that that you're going to want to do as far as speaking around the country and setting up different things?

Justin Cross: [00:38:13] Yeah, for sure. So this year, I'm sure you know NCB Nightclub and Bar in Vegas, was canceled, and now it's October 21st or something like that. So I'm going to be speaking there on stage, just talking, kind of what we're doing here.

Delo: [00:38:25] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:38:25] Of what is our new booze, and how can I be a hospitality professional and still take care of myself? I didn't think that was a thing. Right?

Delo: [00:38:31] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:38:31] So yes, there's definitely a lot more opportunity for that. We've talked with a nightclub... What's one of Brooklyn?

Delo: [00:38:39] I don't know the name offhand.

Justin Cross: [00:38:41] Yeah. In Brooklyn, NCB for sure. I just did a podcast with Sagamore Spirit the other day talking about it. So there's a lot of room for this message in hospitality, whether it's in the liquor brand, or in a nightclub and bar, convention or whatever. So it's definitely something I'm passionate about doing.

Delo: [00:39:03] Yeah, that's great. I mean, people are going to do their thing, they're going to do... I just sent my son off to college. I mean, I just sent him off to UVA. And you know, I'm like, "Dude, just just be smart." He is not even of legal drinking age, but just be smart because you just know what's going to happen. But he loves the aspect of fitness too. There's a lot of people that even at 18, 19, 20, as they get into it, they build the fitness part of it, they don't ever want to lose that and get too carried away on the drinking part.

Justin Cross: [00:39:35] And I kind of wish... That'd be one thing I would tell myself was like... Like I said, I was always kind of very much into fitness. But there are definitely periods of time, like right out of the Navy or even of course, in the Navy, where you just drink too much.

Delo: [00:39:48] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:39:48] I just know that. Because you get to a point, especially when you're that age, you don't really know. It's like a challenge to see who can drink the most and shit like that. But you don't need that.

Delo: [00:39:57] No.

Justin Cross: [00:39:57] And I'm like, "Okay, how much damage did i do back then?" So that'd be one thing I would love to tell people that are like your son's age.

Delo: [00:40:05] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:40:05] Like, you can.... I mean, we're not going to advocate for him to do this. But if you drink, you don't need to go and be the biggest drinker in the room. You can and should turn down extra shots and beer bongs.

Delo: 100%.

Justin Cross: [00:40:17] You don't need that shit.

Delo: [00:40:18] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:40:18] You can still enjoy what's happening in the scenario without going overboard.

Delo: [00:40:24] Yeah, yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:40:25] I mean, it leads to all sorts of legal problems, health problems, just... You don't need to go that crazy.

Delo: [00:40:29] Wow, and it's illegal.

Justin Cross: [00:40:31] And it's illegal. Right.

Delo: [00:40:32] But you know, also having them learn and even get more into the rush of being fit. I mean, knowing when you're that age, you're at the top of your game at that age. I mean, your testosterone is 1600.

Justin Cross: [00:40:45] Right.

Delo: [00:40:45] The only thing you can think of is [crosstalk 00:40:46]. You know, it's just crazy.

Justin Cross: [00:40:49] Yeah.

Delo: [00:40:49] So knowing that you can make big strides in your physical health as well and learn that for the rest of your life. And I'm hoping that's what I've been able to perceive to show my sons that, "Hey, this is your time."

Justin Cross: [00:41:02] And even from like, not even from a health perspective. Just [inaudible 00:41:04] pure like, dominating what you're going to do in your life perspective, like how much time did... And even myself or do people just waste drinking.

Delo: [00:41:13] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:41:13] Being drunk. Being hungover. You know what you could do with an extra two hours in your day, if you were focused on a business idea, or schooling or whatever? There's just so much time wasted, is the other thing.

Delo: [00:41:25] Mine was about 10 years.

Justin Cross: [00:41:26] Yeah. You know right.

Delo: [00:41:27] Back to back, but yeah, no, it's so true. How about the the local Arizona scene? What do you love about the food and the nightclub scene? And do you go out to eat? I don't know, not necessarily a lot, but enough to just kind of partake. And I would assume you like going local and support and all that. And so, you've been obviously, Miami, New York and done some of your stuff. What's your love for Arizona?

Justin Cross: [00:41:52] What I love about Arizona is one, not too many people seem to know about it from the outside, because... I think we have a phenomenal food and drink scene here. Sometimes, like if someone is from out of state, I'll tell them, "It's kind of like going to Vegas, where you have all these great options of stuff. But we have all that here." Scott Conant opened up his restaurant here.

Delo: [00:42:11] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:42:11] We have a very strong food and drink scene, and especially where I live downtown like 7th Avenue and Thomas, we have $7 Uber ride to countless bars and restaurants and things like that. So I think our food and drink scene is very strong. And I just love how... I mean, it's very high quality stuff.

Delo: [00:42:30] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:42:30] There's a mix of everything. You can find really good ethnic, pretty much everything, whatever you're in the mood for.

Delo: [00:42:37] Absolutely.

Justin Cross: [00:42:38] We've got phenomenal breweries.

Delo: Phenomenal breweries. Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:42:40] We've phenomenal local distilleries. We have some of the best cocktail bars in the whole country.

Delo: [00:42:45] Yeah. Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:42:47] I don't really want to leave my... I want a bigger lot but I don't want to really leave my area.

Delo: [00:42:50] You want to go hang out in the train over at Century Grand.

Justin Cross: [00:42:53] Yeah, pretty much. Yeah.

Delo: [00:42:54] Watch [inaudible 00:42:55] they roll by.

Justin Cross: [00:42:56][crosstalk 00:42:56] that thing.

Delo: [00:42:56] No, that's great. Before I get into some quick rapid fire questions, anything you want to leave with, as far as what you're hopeful for towards the end of the year? And how you're going to... Obviously, you're helping the gyms out now but anything else that you want to leave with?

Justin Cross: [00:43:11] I'm just hoping that by the end of the year, people are able to get back to a healthy routine.

Delo: [00:43:16] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:43:16] That's the biggest thing, because I mean, Drizly... You know, drizly.com, right?

Delo: [00:43:20] Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Justin Cross: [00:43:20] Booze delivered to your door.

Delo: [00:43:21] Yep.

Justin Cross: [00:43:22] Drink sales are through the roof. And I'm a little concerned at how much damage is being done just in general to people out there, mentally and physically. So I'm really hoping that by the end of the year, we can be full back to earn. And we can really just be driving, not ads just to sell stuff, but just like our message, "Get back out there, and start moving your body. Because you got a lot of time to make up for."

Delo: [00:43:45] Well, and I can see it in your eyes, in your tone, in your demeanor. I mean, you really care about people. It's not about like, "Oh, let me start a company so I can party and you know, it's about booze," and this... No, I mean, you are legitimately doing something that... People are going to drink. I mean, alcohol is a huge industry. And fitness is a huge industry. And so you've really created just something so amazing for people that are going to partake in both of those things to feel a part of something.

Justin Cross: [00:44:13] Right.

Delo: [00:44:14] I think it's admirable.

Justin Cross: [00:44:15] Well, I'll tell you real quickly, on one hand we have fitness and earn, right?

Delo: [00:44:18] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:44:19] Bodybuilding, crossFit, yoga, whatever, those kind of people. And over here, we have everything else, the party, the drink, the bars and all that. So some people in the fitness side need us to be like, "Oh, I can relax and have a drink. It's okay. You know, it's cool. I don't have to take this too seriously." Right?

Delo: [00:44:33] Right.

Justin Cross: [00:44:33] And on the other side, you have people that are all in, drink, and are maybe intimidated to go to a gym or hire a trainer or even think about a workout program. And so we go to both sides like, "No, there's a space for both of you guys in here.

Delo: [00:44:45] Yeah. That's amazing.

Justin Cross: [00:44:46] That's what so fun about the two industries.

Delo: [00:44:48] All right, couple questions for you here. Pizza or sushi?

Justin Cross: [00:44:52] Sushi.

Delo: [00:44:54] Nice. Sashimi, or...?

Justin Cross: [00:44:56] That was a really good question.

Delo: [00:44:57] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:44:58] I mean, I love pizza. I get my own pizza when we go somewhere.

Delo: [00:45:02] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:45:03] Yeah, sushi, sashimi rolls. [crosstalk 00:45:06] Sake bombs everything.

Delo: [00:45:07] Yeah, I got to take you to a place near my house [inaudible 00:45:10].

Justin Cross: [00:45:10] I'm down right now.

Delo: [00:45:13] Aliens or Bigfoot?

Justin Cross: [00:45:15] Aliens.

Delo: Yeah, thought that was coming.

Delo: [2Pac 00:45:19] or Slayer?

Justin Cross: None. I like the Slayer genre better. I'm more into heavy metal.

Delo: [00:45:31] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:45:32] And just metal in general, but Slayer would be not one of my top ones, although I love Raining Blood. I've listened to that song 1000 times, of course so.

Delo: [00:45:41] Let me guess you're more kind of in the Metallica, Megadeath camp?

Justin Cross: [00:45:44] Oh, no. Like right now, my favorite band is Bad Wolves.

Delo: [00:45:47] Okay. yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:45:48] So I like Bad Wolves, Pantera, Seven Dust-

Delo: [00:45:52] Yeah. Did you ever get into [Barraco 00:45:54] switch? I call it Barrocky.

Justin Cross: Barraco.

Delo: [00:45:55] Yeah. Did you ever like [Rat 00:45:57] and Winger and all that?

Justin Cross: [00:45:58] No, not really.

Delo: [00:45:59] Okay. I'm embarrassed right now.

Justin Cross: [00:46:02] But it's an interesting name, though. Barraco.

Delo: [00:46:04] Yeah, you know, just a bit...

Justin Cross: [00:46:06] So I guess I'll take the genre of... I do like a lot of rap too, though. So [inaudible 00:46:10] Slayer.

Delo: [00:46:10] Okay. Kettlebells or dumbbells?

Justin Cross: [00:46:15] I'm just now getting into kettlebells. Right now, kettlebells.

Delo: [00:46:18] Okay, awesome. Netflix or burpees?

Justin Cross: [00:46:22] Oh, geez. Netflix, for sure. Burpees are the worst.

Delo: [00:46:27] I don't know where I came up with these questions.

Justin Cross: [00:46:28] They are worst.

Delo: [00:46:29] Vodka or Hennessy?

Justin Cross: [00:46:31] Hennessy.

Delo: [00:46:32] Okay. Yoga or Pilates?

Justin Cross: [00:46:36] Pilates.

Delo: [00:46:36] Why is it a bitch?

Justin Cross: [00:46:38] It's hard as shit.

Delo: [00:46:39] Yeah, I mean... don't laugh, people. But seriously, I-

Justin Cross: [00:46:42] It is extremely hard.

Delo: [00:46:43] Yeah, my wife had me going. She just smoke my ass. I'm sitting there like struggling.

Justin Cross: [00:46:48] Yeah.

Delo: [00:46:49] Yeah [inaudible 00:46:49]. Ford or Chevy?

Justin Cross: [00:46:51] Chevy.

Delo: [00:46:52] Ninja or cowboy?

Justin Cross: [00:46:54] Cowboy.

Delo: [00:46:56] Very cool.

Justin Cross: [00:46:57] Yeah.

Delo: [00:46:57] Very Cool.

Justin Cross: [00:46:57] I mean, we're in Arizona too.

Delo: [00:46:58] Yeah, exactly. Got to be a cowboy.

Justin Cross: [00:47:00] I never heard of a ninja that had a revolver neither so.

Delo: [00:47:03] No. me neither. Oh, and actually, this is my generic question for every time, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Justin Cross: [00:47:09] Wars.

Delo: [00:47:10] Yeah. 100%.

Justin Cross: [00:47:11] Yeah, you do?

Delo: [00:47:12] Yeah. I'm a Star Wars nerd. Well, we'll get into that later. So Justin, it's been amazing having you here. Where can everybody find you? What are your handles and we'll add it all on the [crosstalk 00:47:22] or whatever. But what's the best way to-

Justin Cross: [00:47:24] Earn Your Booze, everything. So Instagram is @earnyourbooze, earnyourbooze.com. Cheers@earnyourbooze.com, if you need to email me.

Delo: [00:47:31] Yeah.

Justin Cross: [00:47:31] And you should slide into the DMS, and chat there.

Delo: [00:47:34] I love that. Yeah, you're very responsive. And you are very active on social media, both on your personal one, and on your so. That's cool. Well, thanks for coming in. I had a great time with you.

Justin Cross: [00:47:46] Yeah, this is great.

Delo: [00:47:46] It's been lot of fun. I'm excited to get this one out. Thank you everybody for listening. Please get on the Bar, Restaurant podcast list, the BRP list. And just be cool because Justin's cool, and my guests are cool. And give us a five star you know, help us out with our rankings and all that. This podcast is sponsored by myself, Bar and Restaurant Insurance and Local480. And I want to thank my Local480 team for all the production and everything that they put behind this, because they rock. So until next time, thanks and we'll chat with you guys later.

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